Student Guide

We like to support our students from start to end

Choosing The Right Accommodation Is Important

Ask yourself the following questions:

Making decisions about what is really important to you in your first year of studying will help you narrow down your choices. Think carefully about each of the the following options and will they still apply for the duration of your academic year?

  • Cost – Think about the cost of the accommodation for the full academic year as well as the cost of living?
  • Location – On or off Campus? or are you bringing a car? What sites have parking available?
  • Specific requirements – do you have a medical conditions or disability?
  • Bathrooms – Shared with your fellow flatmates or en suite?
  • Course length – 40, 47 or 51 Week of study?
  • Room Type – Quiet, Alcohol Free, Single Sex, or Mature Area?
  • Catering – Would you like to have money set aside to purchase meals or do you want to self cater?
  • Live Locally? – Will you still want to live in university accommodation if you can commute?

The Application Process

Once you have viewed and decided on which student accommodation best suits your budget and lifestyle, you can make an application for accommodation.

A few simple tips to help you secure the right accommodation!

  • Apply yourself: or if someone is making the application for you, ensure they have all of your options in order and double check the confirmation email is all that you have applied for.
  • Note ANY medical conditions: this includes anything that would have an effect on your accommodation should you not get alloated your 1st preference. This information is strictly confidential and only used by the person allocating your accommodation.
  • Note any specific requirements: such as is you have a preference on where you would like to be allocated, who you would like to be allocated with, please ensure that you both note this on your requests.
  • All of the choices available: especially if you have chosen the most popular. If you have any preferences, request etc., please feel free to write it in the Specific Requirements box.
  • Make sure you apply for the correct academic year of study otherwise your application could be missed.
  • Know what happens next?
  • Any questions email:

Get Ready for The Arrival

Once you’ve found out where you’re going to be living, you’ll be ready to start getting things organised. Follow the steps below to make sure you’ve done everything you need to before you arrive:

  • Arrival information & key collections: Find out when you can move in and where you get your key below.
  • Accommodation checklist – Check you’ve done everything before you arrive:
  • Student Essentials Checklist – See what’s included in your room and what to bring:
  • Maps and directions: – Plan your journey
  • Join your residence Facebook group
  • Resident’s network:- Find out about our student volunteers
  • Pre order some essentials  – bedding, bathroom and kitchen packs
  • Download and save Connecting to the Wi-Fi to your computer so that you can access instruction to get on-line.