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Standards for student accomodation

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How do the codes work?

You should expect the accommodation provider to be committed to high standards of management. However, there may be times when accommodation does not meet the standards laid out in the codes. It’s vital this is flagged up as to alert both the accommodation providers but also those managing the codes of the types of problems that are occurring and ensure they are rectified.

Your accommodation manager is required to let you know which codes they’ve signed up to. This may be through information in welcome packs, posters or marketing material around the building(s). You should ensure you are going for accommodation that is signed up to the codes to safeguard you and ensure you get the best possible accommodation.

If you’re not happy with your accommodation, report the issue to your accommodation manager. If you continue to be unhappy you should find out about how to make a complaint and go and speak to your students’ union.

Remember, if you’ve made a complaint, with your students’ union’s help, but you think your health is in serious danger accommodation manager is not acting appropriately, get in touch with your local council housing or health and safety service.